Frequently Asked Questions

Q:My gums bleed easily when I brush or floss. Why is this?
A: Healthy gums do not bleed. If you frequently see blood when you rinse your mouth after brushing and flossing, it is a cause for concern. Gums bleed easily in response to being touched when they are infected.

Although this infection typically does not hurt, it causes the bone around the roots of the teeth to dissolve. Left untreated, it eventually results in the teeth becoming wiggly and then actually falling out. If you suspect a gum infection we can check it for you, and provide treatment that will halt the progress of the disease. It is important to act early as damage to the bone support around the teeth is not reversible.
Q: My tooth is bothering me. I hope it will get better on its own. What should I do?
A: Why not have it checked? We offer a no charge consult. We'll get you in right away. Dr Vaterlaus can take a look at it for you and just see what the problem is. Then you will know what is happening and you can make a plan.
Q:Can I make Payments?
A: You bet. Many patients appreciate the ability to make monthly payments in order to fit care into their budgets. We offer 12 month no interest options through Care Credit, Citi Healthcard, and Springstone to assist patients in getting treatment they need now.

0% Financing Available · Flexible Appointment Times · Most Insurances Accepted

Q:What is an implant?
A: A dental implant can permanently replace one or more teeth by attaching a crown to an artificial root anchored in the jawbone. By helping reduce bone loss, an implant can combat the collapsed look that occurs with missing teeth. Talk about a more youthful appearance! Your implant crown restoration will look and function like a natural tooth; prevent more extensive damage, and restore your ability to enjoy food and socializing with friends.
Q:How can cosmetic dentistry help improve the appearance of my smile?
A: Today there are many cosmetic options to help you look your youngest, healthiest, and most attractive. Here are some safe, effective procedures that can be used alone or in combination to create your dream smile...

White Fillings – Fabulous, durable, and completely natural looking materials are used to create smiles that look as if no dental treatment has ever been needed!

KöR Teeth Whitening – This is a favorite way to brighten smiles and we have been getting great results. Dr Vaterlaus has waited his whole career for a whitening product that is truly fantastic. And this is it! You'll love it.

Translucent Porcelain Veneers – Dr Vaterlaus uses veneers to mask smile flaws, even serious ones. Veneers are very thin shells of tooth-shaped porcelain individually crafted and permanently cemented to the front surface of teeth. They are a great solution for fixing pitted, chipped, or malformed teeth. Veneers can be used if you have unwanted spaces. They are very durable, natural looking, and do not stain. This makes veneers a very popular solution for creating a radiant smile.

Q:I brush and floss pretty often, do I really need to see the dentist?
A: Regular check ups and cleanings keep our patients healthier. Problems are discovered early when they are small and can be solved with minimally invasive treatment (which actually saves money in the long run.) At routine check-ups, we use diagnostic x-rays to detect decay, tumors, cysts, and bone loss. We check the gums and the bone around the teeth for signs of periodontal disease. All tooth surfaces are checked for decay. We evaluate the current condition of previous dental restorations. Calculus and plaque are removed. Our hygienist reviews and recommends oral hygiene aids and techniques to benefit you. Cavities, toothaches, gum disease and many other bigger problems can be avoided by seeing Dr Vaterlaus regularly.
Q:What type of toothbrush and toothpaste do you recommend?
A: Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and change it often. Brushing technique is important, and we'll help you learn to be as effective as possible, even in tricky areas! Using a high quality power toothbrush helps many people improve their oral health. Choose an ADA approved toothpaste to insure that the toothpaste will be effective. Our hygienist can help you choose one best suited to your needs.